congressThis is my official statement on my number one issue in my campaign: Government Reform.

For far too long the men and women elected to Washington D.C. have acted like they are more elite than the rest of the country, and I intend to stop that mentality.  This will be done with a couple of things:

  • I will introduce a term limit amendment to the Constitution of our country.  Life long politics bars the best ideas from reaching our leadership in the capital.  Incumbents are hard to defeat in a race, and because of this, many great candidates are left behind, even though they may have better ideas.  This also removes a problem that I see every day.  You see, I cannot do anything to vote against a person I disagree with, even if they are in my own state.  Sure I can donate money, but I cannot get rid of someone bad for our nation.  This ensures the Constitution will get rid of them for me.
  • My term limits are as follows for Congress: You will be able to serve a total of five terms.  As long as you meet eligibility requirements, you can run for another office, but you  cannot run for the House again.
  • Term limits for the Senate: Two terms for a total of twelve years.  Again, you can run for any other office after that, but your time in the Senate is done.

This alone will help ensure that laws applied to the American public will be good ones, because eventually, your time in elected office is done, and you will be back in the private sector like everyone else.

Government salaries and benefits are also an issue for me, and I believe the American people will agree with me on this.  To put it plainly, they make too much.  Here is my remedy to this situation:

  • No member of the House or Senate will make more than $60,000.  You are elected to serve the American people, not live large.
  • To remedy the housing issue (since some of the salary is spent on housing in the expensive DC area), members of the Senate and House will have Congressional quarters similar to military.  If those living arrangements are good enough for our military, they are good enough for Congress.  Essentially I would propose that members of Congress would be assigned rooms while Congress is in session.  If they do not like this, they will have to use their own money, not the people’s, to find housing in the D.C. area.
  • If you are means tested to be considered independently wealthy, you will not collect pay for your services.  Your congressional salary will be zero.
  • No government official will make more than $75,000 as an executive appointee.  This will still be a decent salary, but again, you are selected to do a service, not make hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • There will be zero retirement perks.  If you decide to privately fund your own retirement with your salary, that is up to you, but there will be no pension allowed to government officials elected to office.  You are an American citizen, and will be only afforded the same things they are. If you want a good retirement package, find a great job in the private sector that offers such.  If you want to serve the American people, you do it because you wish to serve.
  • I will propose to cut the President and Vice President salaries in half.  Again, you are elected to serve. Not get nearly $400,000.
  • Tax payer money cannot be used for vacationing.  The only money that will be allowed is the necessary Secret Service protection needed.  If you want to take a vacation, you either use money you already have, or you keep it within your salary.

It is time that our government realizes that they are elected to serve, not have high paying salaries and perks.  It is time that they realize this is not for their own benefit but for the benefit of the people.  This is where I stand on changing D.C. and I ask that you join me.  Donate if you can, spread the word about what I want to do, help me so I can get there.

It is up to us.

God bless.

Craig Bowden


13 thoughts on “Craig Bowden for Congress – My First Priority

      1. It has become down right Evil. No one in D.C. has the balls to remove him from office. He has no intentions of stepping down. He has already announced that we will be a Muslim Country by 2016.
        We ARE in the fight of our life and, unfortunately, our votes will count for nothing as far as the Presidential race.
        He intends to have the Million Man Muslim March this 9/11.

      2. I heard about that, which is why I have been encouraging every patriot to go to DC the same day in support of the Patriot for America Walk. We’ll be meeting before the capital building to rally for freedom.

        We have the chance to show what we are made of.

      3. I will just jump right out there is tell you what is on the minds of many of us who have the privilege of being at home (for various reasons) who stay online much of the day.
        HE has NO intentions of stepping down…he just mentioned over the past several days that he intends to have a “3rd Term.”
        He also told a UN Official several days ago that the U.S. Will be a Muslim Country by 2016.
        Then, of course, we have the Million Man Muslim March on 9/11 of this year.
        This is the invitation:

        I am not all that bright. In other words, more than likely, my IQ is pretty normal.
        One thing I have as a strong point is I am very observant and watch for “patterns of behavior”.
        MANY of us are deeply concerned…especially now that he is after the phone records, emails, watching who is saying what on all of the blogs.
        His perception is that “WE” are the terrorists not his friends.

      4. Which is why I am moving to have strict oversight to get rid of programs like that. While national defense is certainly a concern, it cannot be at the expense of civil liberty. Because of the gross oversteps, I believe it is time to disband many executive agencies and defund them. If they will not operate within the constraints of the constitution, then Congress must use their power of the purse and make sure they cannot operate.

  1. I don’t know if you have had the time to be on other blogs or not. He has threatened anyone and everyone on blogs like some 3rd world dictator. He is getting his hands on Verizon + 6 or more of the major internet and phone providers to “catch terrorists.” … except, he considers “us” the terrorists…not the Muslims.

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