congressI was shocked when I heard the news about the NSA monitoring citizens of the United States.  This is the kind of injustice I chose to run against, and it is something I intend to fix.  The fourth amendment of our Constitution is clear: without a warrant, without probable cause, we are supposed to be free some searches, monitoring, etc.  This goes to show the gross oversteps our government has taken.

I put out an ad on YouTube to illustrate exactly where I stand on this issue.  I encourage everyone to share this with their contacts in social media, email, friends, family, everyone you possibly can.  We have to make our stand now, and start removing persons that cannot uphold their oaths to the Constitution.  Please watch the video below:

I for one will not tolerate American citizens being monitored if they are not even suspected of a crime.  This is disgusting and will not stand in my America.

In lighter news, I was able to partner with a great organization this week called Stand4Utah.  We are officially working together on the campaign, and am truly happy to be working with them.

I also have a few dates coming up you may want to save:

  • June 15, 2013 I will be at my sister’s house for a meet and greet, you can find details on my events page on Facebook
  • June 22, 2013 I will be at my good friend Allyson’s house for a meet and greet, again the details are on my Facebook events page.

I have enjoyed talking to many of you on Twitter, and as always, I will respond as often as is possible.  You can also email questions to me at

I really hope that you all stay safe over the weekend, and look forward to meeting you in the coming months.

God Bless, and watch over our nation in this time of need.


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