congressI am becoming more and more disgusted by the practices of the Internal Revenue Service.  Each time I have heard more testimony on the news, I am put into a rage at how the American people are being treated by the organization.

The IRS is supposed to be non-partisan and failed miserably to do that, and it is no surprise really since the NTEU (a very liberal union) pretty much runs the show there.  The president had met with the head of the IRS 157 times and the NTEU president just before the targeting began, yet we are to believe that the president is not involved?  Sorry, I am not buying that, nor am I buying the testimony of persons questioned by Congress.

It is time that Congress prosecute those involved in the targeting of conservative groups and make move to abolish the IRS.  The time has come to simplify the tax rates and remove the agency.  I stand with Ted Cruz in his statements that tax returns should be able to fit on a postcard, and should be so easy to understand, you can’t mess them up.

The American people suffer as a direct result of what the IRS is doing and because of the progressive tax system.  It is time to end this.

Once I am elected to office in the House of Representatives, I will move to simplify the tax code with a fair tax and remove the IRS.  And I would urge all of you to push your representatives to join with me on this.  If they refuse, replace them.  The IRS is not about helping our country, and it’s high time they went the way of the dinosaur.


4 thoughts on “My Stance on the IRS

  1. I DO hope we still have our country left when it is time for you to run.
    Obama just announced to a UN Official that the USA will be a Muslim Nation by 2014.

  2. what kind of tax system do you propose, then? and how would you make it fair so that we don’t have an even larger percentage of poor people in this country? you’re enraged- be constructive and tell us your plan.

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