I you have the time you can thank the Electronic Privacy Information Center for forcing the Department of Homeland Security to release its list of “keywords” that are used to by its agents to monitor people on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.

The list included many words, but if you take note (as I have included the list) you will see there is ZERO reference to Islam when it comes to monitoring.  There is however “militia,” “cops,” “exercise,” and “flu.”

So it seems if you happen to belong militia, watch an episode of Cops, tell people you’re sick with the flu, or finished your exercise that morning, you will have your social media under scrutiny, but if a Muslim posts something about Jihad?  Nothing.  Does it get any more unreal than this.

The worst part about it is that the Department had to be sued after ignoring a Freedom of Information Act request.  Sounds like it is time for Congress to use their oversight powers and start fighting back against a corrupt administration.



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