imagesI’ve just added my name to a grassroots petition to abolish the IRS, and I’m urging you to join with me by going here:

+ + End The Tyranny — Abolish the IRS

“This is Big Brother come to life and a witch hunt to prevent Americans from exercising their First Amendment rights,” said Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal after learning that the Internal Revenue Service deliberately targeted and intimidated Tea Party conservatives who opposed the Obama administration.

What started as an apology by an IRS official who blamed low-level “rogue” employees in a Cincinnati office for singling out organizations that had  “tea party” or “patriot” in their applications for tax-exempt status, quickly grew to something far more widespread … It’s now clear, the Obama administration used the IRS to silence YOU because of your political affiliation!

Ever the socialist, Obama is employing whatever means he deems necessary to bully and silence those at odds with his agenda.

But the scariest part of the story?

Obama has put the scandal-riddled IRS in charge of implementing and managing ObamaCare!

With the dust just beginning to churn on this building scandal, Obama has green-lighted the hiring of 16,000 additional IRS agents — to manage and control YOUR healthcare.

This is the same organization that demanded Tea Party groups share private donor information, and Facebook posts. Even what books Tea Party organizers were reading and transcripts of speeches by patriot group leaders.

And conservatives are to think that the IRS won’t continue their practices when managing ObamaCare? Is that a chance you are willing to take?

Make no mistake, the IRS is a rogue organization, and it is time to “slay the beast” in the name of liberty!

Given their power, their history of thuggish abuse and now this latest scandal it is obvious this is an organization that cannot be trusted — that must be eliminated before it can do more harm to the American people.

Click below to add your name to this important grassroots petition, and become part of this unprecedented move to close the books on the IRS:

As outrage continues to build against the IRS, these petitions will be rushed to Capitol Hill and presented to key members of Congress — demanding action!

Thank you for taking action with me.


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