congressI have been very busy, as many can imagine, but I have made sure to take the time to spend with my little ones.  Even though I want to go to DC to help out the country and the state of Utah, my family always comes first.  My kids have enjoyed spending time with me when I am brainstorming, and have even helped me come up with some ideas to assist me on the way to Washington.

This week has brought on new opportunities.  We are getting ready to roll out a new texting tool so that I can more efficiently communicate with the voters in Utah.

I have also had the amazing opportunity to start working with an excellent organization called Stand4Utah. They are a great group of people helping steer the state in a direction that coincides with the Constitution and restore conservative principles.  I am very happy to be working with them.

This week has also been really great in getting brainstorming sessions done with my staff.  We are organizing volunteers so we can start the push into the campaign full swing.  It is important that we get the message of restoring America out there.

I have been very blessed this week to have gotten some great donations from patriots concerned about the direction our nation is headed. I try to thank everyone with a personal message, but if I didn’t please no that I am grateful and missing the letter or email from me was not intention.  I do appreciate all you do to help me.

I look forward to next week with a couple meet and greet opportunities, one of my absolute favorite parts of the campaign. I am not interested in big lobbies, but what you have to say.  That is what matters the most; the people of Utah.

Well, until next update God bless and keep pushing America.  We will get the revival and restoration we need.


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