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2 thoughts on “Watch “Craig Bowden for Congress – End the Veteran Backlog” on YouTube

  1. It’s interesting that the O Administration hired thousands of people to create thousands of new laws — so many that they nearly stopped the economy — and thousands more to work at the IRS to implement ObamaCare, yet they did nothing to support veterans.

    But, that fits perfectly with the fact that the Obama government appears to be also fast at work attempting to discredit the military — after creating too many new Muslim-friendly rules of war* with too many repeat tours of duty, causing too may deaths [Bush 8 = 2,000 vs Obama 4 = 14,000], severe burnouts, increased desertions, massive numbers of suicides, and reduced reenlistments from those with over 10 years of service — because it has also allowed a bogus report on sexual harassment to be created and published by all news sites.

    Proof: Arthur Herman, “Military sexual assaults: Bogus epidemic,”, May 30, 2013,

    *Read more, and why he does these things at

    1. It is sickening that he does this. There is total disregard for our military at many levels. I wish we had a POTUS that respected the position he holds. HE is a disgrace to our nation and spits on those who wear the uniform.

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