nbc_brokaw_tom.grid-6x2Tom Brokaw is definitely another of Obama’s media lap dogs, in a recent comment made he essentially stated that the Abu Ghuraib scandal from President Bush’s administration was far worse than any of the current scandals coming out from this administration.

Well, let me tell you something Mr. Brokaw: there is no comparison.

There is no connection between the Bush administration and what happened there. While there were certainly horrible things that happened in the prison, there is no way you can even put it in the same class as what is happening in our country today.

In the prison no one died. In Benghazi, four Americans were killed and had two brave Navy SEALs not acted, more would have died.  Simply put, someone in the Executive Branch left more than thirty Americans to die.  That is a huge difference.

The AP scandal and monitoring of other news groups and persons is a direct attack on the First Amendment, a right guaranteed us in the Bill of Rights. Do you somehow find it acceptable that reporters are being tracked and monitored?  It is not ok.  Neither is the security leak excuse, because frankly, more leaks have come from this administration than any reporter.  How many lives were put at risk due to that negligence?

The IRS scandal is horrific at best.  A branch of the executive office targeted a certain group of individuals and overstepped their bounds.  This is not acceptable behavior, and all we have heard is lies. How are we supposed to trust a government that may be targeting us with the IRS?  This is an impeachable offense.  We are supposed to have the right to question our own government if we so choose.  That is the beauty of our country. Now people are fearful to be audited.  This is not ok.  It is akin to Hitler.

These are just a few of the scandals which include FELONIES.  Are you really going to give the president and people he chose that swore an oath to uphold the Constitution a pass to get away with a felony?  That is just sad Mr. Brokaw, and you are an embarrassment to the reporters who used to keep the American people informed.  You used to help safe guard liberty. Now you only safeguard your left leaning, socialist buddies in government.  For shame.


2 thoughts on “Tom Brokaw Needs to Wake Up

  1. I used to thing Brokaw was a pretty bright thinker but no more. He has been drinking Obama tea or senility has set in. Wake up Brokaw. Quit being one of Obama’s lapdogs.

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