imagesIt is my firm belief that it is the individual citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.  For a long time people trying to advance a big government agenda have pushed for restrictions on magazine sizes, types of firearms that should be owned, and many other overreaching policies that would impact our lives as American citizens.

The thing about the second amendment is simple; it is plain English.  The end of the amendment says “shall not be infringed” and that sends a pretty clear message that nothing can be done to restrict a law abiding citizen from being able to own, operate, and keep in their possession a firearm.

I happen to own several firearms myself, and would have it no other way.  I even started a business where a key theme is teaching classes on the proper use of firearms, with real life scenarios one may face in the real world where a firearm may need to be implemented.

The right to keep and bear arms goes far beyond hunting, and far beyond protecting yourself from a home invader; it is your right to protect yourself from a government becoming tyrannical.  The Founding Fathers faced in their life time what the true depth of the necessity to be able to have access to a personal firearm when we declared ourselves independent of British rule.  They were great studies of history, and one pattern observed, was that citizens of a country were often disarmed before an absolute tyranny became imposed.

Many proponents of gun control laws state that they are for our own safety, and they use colorful terms and great sounding rhetorical speeches.  They emphasis tragedies, and play to the emotions of good natured American citizens.  However, in every case that can be demonstrated, the objective of legislating away the right to arms has never been about safety, but about control.

Even this President sits there and states that we need common sense gun measures put in place, but what he wants has nothing to do with the safety he speaks of wanting.  There is not one measure of legislation that can prevent a violent person from acting in a violent manner.  That is the real issue.

We have become a nation fixated on the violence, and the value of life is no longer taught.  This can be demonstrated with the difference between liberal areas in this country and more conservative areas.  There are far fewer deaths as a result of violence in areas that tend to be more religious and gun friendly, because there is an appreciation of life taught.  It is part of the make up of these types of areas.  It is not so in the more liberal areas where the destruction of the family unit is a seemingly, ever growing goal.  Places where you can have abortions on demand. Places with little parental involvement.

The key to solving the issues is not to ban a gun, or the amount of ammunition a magazine can hold, but to reach out to broken communities with hope, faith, and love to show them what it is to be American.  Outreach programs that demonstrate responsibility, values, and respect for all things (but especially life).  That is how we combat the violence.

Firearms are a lifeblood of many in this country, including me.  We cannot afford to have only those who will follow the law give up their means of defending their lives, their liberty, and ensuring their pursuits of happiness.


4 thoughts on “Craig Bowden on Gun Rights

  1. It bothers me that Republicans always cave into the crimie discussion instead of the real issue.

    The only thing that should be said about G*ns is that they protect the country from a tyrant G-ment. End of discussion.

    Thanks for the good read, Craig Bowden, and for making your country proud.

    1. The problem with many in office is that they allow the left to define the language. For instance, they talked about the cost of implementing Obamacare, instead of how it is wrong for the government to force a citizen to purchase something against their will and impose fines if they don’t. So it isn’t just the gun debate that Republicans do this; it’s nearly all debates. You have to get to the root of the real problem or issue, and not look at the surface emotion being discussed. Is crime bad, sure, but that is not the focus of the debate, or at least it shouldn’t be. When you allow someone else to define the narrative, you are on the defense, and if you stay in the defense, you will lose. It is tactics 101. Just in this case, it happens to be a political battlefield, no bullets flying.

      Good on noticing that issue. Educate others and spread the message America needs to hear. I’ll keep holding up my end, but we cannot do it alone.

      God bless.

  2. I think you and other liberty loving Americans might like my poem

    Assembly of Liberty
    by Roger W Hancock

    Steel barrel, hammer forged,
    blacksmith’s craft of strength.
    Grit grinds smoothing mettle,
    colonial, courage and gall.

    Sight for trigger, future vision,
    each lone part, a piece of whole.
    Assembling binds together,
    colonial consensus builds.

    Stock of wood, shoulder set,
    carved, smoothed by hand.
    Major players set the standard,
    colonial citizens gather.

    Lead, constitutions, declarations,
    forms each lethal globe.
    Small dose of powdered strength,
    colonial brews a powder keg.

    Strike of Flint, sparks last straw,
    ignites fires of a grand design.
    Musket delivers to its mark,
    colonial fortitude, our liberty.

    © December 9, 2004, Roger W Hancock,

    You can find this and more at
    Poetry honoring our Veterans @

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