imagesI felt that I should add in my two cents on the recent events of the Boy Scouts, and whether or not they should allow homosexuals into the scouting program.

I am slightly conflicted in this, because I do believe that each person should have the opportunity to be able to belong to an organization like the Boy Scouts.  I myself was a Boy Scout, though I fell a little short of my Eagle.  It was one of the best organization I had the ability to participate in as a child.  They teach great values and life lessons that I feel many of the youth need in these darker days of history.

I will respect the Boy Scouts in whichever decision they make.  They are a private organization, and as such, they are entitled to choose where they will stand.  I do not believe that they should be forced into allowing homosexuals into the scouting program.  I do hope that they continue to stand up for what they believe in, because that is the rarest of qualities these days.  However, if they do allow for young men to join the program, even though gay, that does not diminish the message the scouting program delivers to the youth.  They will still be an organization that teaches duty and honor.

My personal feelings towards homosexuality will not influence what a private organization will do.  Just as no one should force them to accept gays into the program, I cannot force them to not accept them if that becomes their choice.


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