imagesSo we as the American people are supposed to sit back and believe that amid all the scandals involving the Executive Branch of our government that President Obama had no knowledge whatsoever of the happenings in departments he is in charge of?  Something doesn’t smell right.

One IRS scandal involves the intimidation of tea party type groups that would have been opponents to Obama, and decreased his chances of being reelected.  Yet, the claims remain that there was no partisanship involved, and the White House denies any knowledge, in spite of the fact he was notified three weeks prior to the news breaking (claiming he heard about it the same time we did) and he also met with key NETU representatives and IRS officials shortly before the targeting began?

The second IRS scandal involving the illegal seizure of phones, medical records, etc. in the investigation of only one person? And no one knows what is going on?

It is said that during an attack on our consulate in Benghazi, the President knew nothing about it, other than to tell Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton to handle it?  He was nowhere to be found the entire time? Then he lied about what happened for a few weeks, not to mention had Secretary Clinton, Ambassador Rice, and Press Secretary Carney all move the talking points of some elusive YouTube video? One that had been viewed only about 47 times before this administration mentioned it.

Now no one knows what is going on with over 100 phone numbers being monitored by the Department of Justice on the Associate Press?  How about the wire tapping of the cloak room in Congress?  Fast and Furious?

No one seems to know anything.  No answers are being given. Top officials are dodging and denying any culpability.  This is unsatisfactory.  You cannot tell me that with all that has been happening in the Executive Branch all of these incidents were perpetrated by some low level worker.  These kinds of decisions are made at the top, and someone needs to be held accountable.  I am looking at you Mr. President.  Bare minimum this shows an utter lack of leadership and failure on your part to lead this nation.  At worst it implicates you as a treasonous, rights violator.

The day of reckoning is coming, and the people will be heard.


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