congressAn individual from FreedomConnector asked me a follow up question to one I had addressed on an earlier post.  It was in response to Rebecca’s Common Core question.

So here is what “Mason Dixon Patriot” asked me:

How can we roll back the powers of the executive branch that are at best out of control. No matter who’s in power or who will be in power in the future ?

This was my response to him:

The biggest problem presented is that there has largely been a lack of spine in the House of Representatives, after all, they control the purse strings. For example, the EPA has been out of control for quite some time, continuing to advance a junk science. Well, since the House controls the budget, you simply do not fund the organization. At that point, it would not matter if an executive order was given, because the department would not have the funding to execute.

The check and balance system works when applied the way the Constitution was intended. If more congressmen would do their jobs, instead of worrying about the next election cycle and which people they didn’t want to tick off, we would not be in half the mess we are in today.


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