congressRebecca asked me a very important question on Monday, May 13, 2013

“I just barely joined Freedom Connector, because I was extremely concerned about a report my husband found on KSL news.  I would like to know, what is your position on federal “common core” standards being pushed in our schools and onto our children?”

Here is my response:

Thank you very much for your question, I do appreciate it. My stance on the Common Core program is definitely against. I do not understand why the federal government continues to try a one size fits all approach to education. I would like to see the federal government removed from education entirely. Each and every program that has been initiated by several administrations have actually lowered the bar for educational requirements, and has poured billions of dollars into programs that do not work.

I believe that education needs to be turned back to the states. This will create a more competitive environment for jobs, and will ensure that children are always put first.

Unfortunately like many things coming out of the Obama administration it is pushed forcibly onto the citizens of our country. This was demonstrated with several pieces of legislation.

I will oppose Common Core, and attempt to limit the federal government’s involvement as much as I can once I am elected.

Please feel free to contact me again with any concerns or questions you may have.


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