Craig Bowden Announces Bid for US House of Representatives
North Ogden native ready to take on D.C.
Utah, May 16, 2013/Craig Bowden for Congress/- Former serving United States Marine hailing from North Ogden, Utah has declared his candidacy to run in the 2014 election for the United States House of Representatives for Utah’s 1st District.
After years of watching the partisan politics happening in Washington, D.C., Craig came to the conclusion that enough was enough. Seeing the lack of moral leadership and little of putting Americans first, Craig is hoping to go and change the way politics is done in the nation’s capitol.
Craig Bowden has served nearly eight years in the United States Marine Corps, where he served as an infantryman in Iraq on multiple combat tours. He also runs his own business, CRB Tactical, providing firearms classes and outdoors gear. Mr. Bowden is also the author of Common Sense: How to Restore America, and has been delivering political commentary for seventeen years.
About Craig Bowden for Congress
Craig Bowden will be running as an Independent and is a Constitutional Conservative and Tea Party member.
Craig Bowden
Craig Bowden for Congress

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