This has been an interesting week getting started with the campaign for 2014.  It is definitely not an easy task.

Unlike many candidates, I am an independent  so there is no major backing.  However, the paperwork is completed and sent in, and the website for my campaign efforts is coming together.

I have also seen lots of support on Twitter, which has definitely helped keep my spirits up.  I have had some of the most amazing conversations with patriots across the country, and especially in Utah’s 1st Congressional District.

I am so very thankful for the many words of encouragement from people who are as concerned about our Constitution as I am.  There are so many patriots willing to fight, and it does warm my heart.

I am currently looking at doing some speaking engagements between now and my major event at our nation’s capital on September 11th.  I love getting to speak with people afterward and hearing what is on people’s minds.  I wish that I had enough time to meet with everyone.

I welcome any and all emails with questions at (my temporary domain email).  I will answer publicly with your permission, but will respond to you no matter what.  It is my goal to answer all questions possible and keep in touch with the people of this country and Utah’s 1st District.

God Bless, and look forward to seeing everyone as the weeks go on and we get closer to taking America back.


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