images (7)If understanding the truth of what happened in Benghazi did not matter, then why are there so many Americans still asking their representatives about it?  Why are there still individuals and organizations circulating petitions?

I just got an email from the ACLJ asking for my signature on one today.  I have also created a petition myself to have a select committee investigate.  On the ACLJ petition there were nearly 80,000 signers.  On my select committee campaign, 1,964 letters have been sent to Washington D.C. to various members of the House and Senate.

It does matter, as we can see by the testimony given by three courageous men who chose to not remain silent today.  Suspicions have been confirmed, and we have now been able to see that Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton perjured herself before congress, Ambassador Susan Rice lied before the American people, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney repeatedly lied, and even the president himself  continued to go against what actually happened to preserve his campaign efforts and possibly cover for Hillary’s chances in 2016.

Politics took over doing the right thing, and four Americans died as a result.  That is a big deal.

To answer Mrs. Clinton’s question “what difference does it make?” Four American lives may still be with us.


2 thoughts on “If Benghazi Doesn’t Matter

  1. It matters but not in the contex that they are pursuing. In terms of ppl died how do we fix it yes. But in terms of ppl trying to impeach Obama and and blame Hillary for not increasing security no. Accident happen bad calls are made. As anyone in the military can tell you the higher ups don’t always make the right call but it’s still their call to make. And especially in a fire fight even the right call can have consequences

    1. But when you make a bad call, you are held accountable in the military. While there is some discretion in the decision making, if you have an epic failure, you are relieved. If I had made a call that got four of my men killed, I would have stood tall before my command.

      At issue are cover ups with this too. There is also the excuses of “we weren’t sure if help would even arrive in time.” One thing I learned is you give everything to reach guys in trouble. Period. I suspect the admin didn’t want to look bad so close to the election. That becomes deriliction of duty.

      When there are standing orders (as there are in situations like this) only top levels can stand down. FAST was stood down, as were spec ops guys. They could have made a huge difference.

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