images (9)No matter how hard the media and this administration tries, the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi is not going away.  No matter what spin they add.  No matter how many lies are told.  The people of this country are beginning to wake up and see that there were lies and cover ups coming all the way from the top of this administration.

Many speculate that it was a two fold reason the talking points were changed. (1) Barack Obama and his team did not want to hurt his chances for reelection.  (2) The administration wanted to protect the chances for Hillary Clinton to be able to run in 2016 for the office of President.

It is beyond me as to why there was no action taken during the battle that raged for more than seven hours of pure hell.  I want to take some time and answer what I believe happened to several questions America is asking.

Why were the requests for additional security ignored?  I believe the requests for security were ignored prior to the attack because President Obama and Secretary Clinton had placed some bets on the overthrow of Momar Qaddafi   If they acted like there was instability in the region, what was the point of us supporting them?

Why did no one state that this was a terrorist attack, and instead representatives of the administration spoke of a YouTube video being to blame for the violence?  This is actually a fairly simple answer: the President wanted to be reelected.  He had been touting having Al Qaeda on the run for months.  If it were to be seen that those types of terrorists were that coordinated it would have thrown that campaign talking point right out the window.  He had the points changed so as to not damage his efforts.

Why was there no aid available?  There was aid available.  We have heard reports coming in recently about Special Operations  Groups in the area, including Tripoli, that could have assisted within a couple of hours.  In several instances commanders were given stand down orders, and in some cases, relieved of command for trying to get men organized for a rescue.  Had any other president done this, it would have been national news, but largely slipped under the radar to not hurt Obama’s chances.  The reason for the stand down order is inexcusable.  Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta stated that there wasn’t enough good intelligence to send in reinforcements. However, we now know that they were watching in real time via video from an Unmanned Arial Vehicle, and there were multiple requests for help from men on the ground, included two Navy SEALs.

Plain and simply put, this administration has lied, finger pointed, put up road blocks, and attempted to deflect this every chance they have had.  It is time that this be fully investigated.  Even if the investigation takes a full three years as happened with Watergate, justice needs to be done on behalf of the four Americans killed, not to mention the other staff put at risk to the gross incompetence and negligence throughout the whole process.  We must find not only the terrorists responsible for the attack (which still has not happened in spite of the President saying justice would be brought to them), but we must also hold those leaders of our nation accountable for their actions or lack thereof.


2 thoughts on “Benghazi is Not Going Away

  1. Nope! It is NOT going away! We know what you did, Obama.,, Just like we know who and what you are.

    This IS NOT going away.

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