I was writing the other day in about someone using my information in an inappropriate and not accurate way, and after searching for some info, here’s the news:  I can prove what I said is true.  I will show you with some pictures, and use the blogger’s pictures to show how he lied about me.  This took me a while to compile to show exactly what I was talking about, but here is the full truth, not their version.

Now in the blogger’s post he shows a cropped picture of me with the “stack.” After digging through my profile I found that there was a picture I had missed deleting after my buddy informed me.  Notice the caption of the photo.  It says going to help the neighbor kid. And a conversation saying the medals were not mine. I have since taken the found picture down, realizing that it may hurt someone’s feelings or be misunderstood, but you can see that I was honest and no valor stolen.



Now the photo that this individual posted was only the photo. Cropped, or saved, but not with any of the conversation because it did not fit the agenda.

Secondly, I did a screen shot and save the images in case the individual who posted this information tries to change anything.  One of the things you will notice in these two images is that the FOIA request sent was on February 13, 2013.  The time/date stamp on the record is January 24, 2012 (located in upper right corner).

5 - Copy 9

This tells me something interesting.  Either the information on my awards record is forged, or someone illegally accessed my records information outside of regular business dealings, which is a crime.  It is called UNAX or Unauthorized Access.

Now for the fun part.  You will notice, as I said, I was doing this for a movie.  I realized posting may be offensive to some, and did not claim anything I did not earn.  Here are the pictures from my profile that this individual did not take, because when I go out in my uniform, I do it correctly.


This photo was taken at my wedding after my first deployment.  Please notice I only have on my Combat Action Ribbon, National Defense Medal, GWOT E, and Sea Service Deployment.   I had not yet rated my good conduct, Iraqi Campaign medal did not yet exist, and I didn’t get a GWOT S until about a year later.  But you notice how this photo is not used on the other site, even though he did use one of my wedding photos.


This picture of me also was not used.  I was on the way to my brother’s high school to talk a little bit about the different culture in Iraq.  The kinds of food they ate, family life, types of jobs, etc.  Showed the class a few photos of the types of architecture and general photos of that sort so they could see what it looks like in an Arab country.  Again, please note that I am not wearing anything I did not rate.  But again the blogger chose not to use a photo that accurately portrayed how I carry myself when I do wear a uniform. I will state that my CAR is backwards on accident, and that was my bad (the blue is supposed to face inwards).  That was a boot mistake on my part, but rate the award.

As you can see the person using this information is attempting to discredit me.  And it goes on.  I have had people comment on this blog asking me how I got a TBI, that it couldn’t possibly have happened because I stated that the only major injury I had was my knee injury from Morocco.  I was not aware of TBI until about 2011.  But to show how I got it, here is a series of photos from November 12, 2005 from the IED we struck.


I am the Marine pictured on the far right.  I was lucky as hell nothing more happened to me in the IED strike, especially being the turret gunner.  You will notice on the top right of my helmet a dark spot.  That dark spot is where a piece of shrapnel struck my helmet. I can also verify this with my medical records once I black out my social security number, and personal identifiable information of doctors, corpsmen, etc. that have assisted with this.


Here is another photo of me on the right.  Our Humvee was wrecked, and we had one Marine severely wounded from shrapnel entering the vehicle through the firewall.  Again you will notice on my helmet the damage to it from shrapnel.

Now if you choose to continue doubting me, that is all on you.  I have shown the proof of how I operate, and have shown everything there is to show about this.  If you would like to continue to post falsehoods about me, that is fine, but will serve no purpose.  I have served with honor, and now the entire world can see that what you did is defamation of character.

I am not ok with what you did to my personal life, but I assure you, I have reported the FOIA misuse, the access to my records before the FOIA request went through, and if this is pursued any more, I will be pressing charges from those I know who have been involved.  This is a case of defamation of character.

Those who disagree with the position of doing this for that movie for a kid, you are entitled to that position.  I did not however represent myself as some sort of hero. The awards went back to the kid, mine went back on, and I carried on with my life.  I did not realize that this would be taken out of proportion like it did. If I had known that, I would have either just used my own ribbons, or merely turned the kid down.

Now that this is cleared up, I will be turning back to what I normally do, fighting against big government and on behalf of veterans wishing to get their stories told as is the intent of my blog.


One thought on “Clearing the Air

  1. The guy who did this was an clearly an idiot and gets off trying to put vets down. lets give him a gun and send him into combat and he might have a little room to talk.

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