It seems that when you place yourself in the public spectrum talking politics, people who disagree with a position you take will stop at nothing to attempt to defame your character. I have just recently discovered another attempt to slander me.

A blogger, who I will keep anonymous for now, has decided to add me to a page of stolen valor. This person has put pictures of me taken out of context of their original intent.

I will state for the record, the pictures this person used are of me, but how he used them is not what is accurate.

A few years ago, a young high school kid who was my neighbor was doing a short film for a class. He wanted to have a real Marine or soldier to act the part of a severely wounded returning vet.

Using a green screen process we edited out my legs and put me in a wheelchair. For the purposes of the film I was wearing medals to make me look more the part. Two photos used on this blog were showing me with more medals/ribbons than I actually have.

I posted several photos on my Facebook and since, taken them down. This person took out of context the whole issue, making it appear I claimed awards I had not earned.

I have spoken up about stolen valor, and as a Marine would never betray my fallen brothers. They are the true heroes, and often times were not recognized for the brave acts they did.

I am disgusted by this blatant attack against my character and do not understand why people try to lie. The most ridiculous part of the issue was that he took the two photos from this movie, and ignored every other proper uniform picture I had posted. That goes to show that this person has an agenda, and isn’t interested in the truth.

This also appeared after several comments on my blog attacked me, as more people are being reached by what I post. I will gladly show my disharge papers with my social security blacked out because I have nothing to hide.

Acts like this are becoming quite common place when opinions disagree. It is slanderous.


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