The media isn’t talking much about this issue. So what information does trickle out to the public is being put forth by politicians on both sides of the aisle, and much of it is frighteningly inaccurate!

Even some so-called conservative politicians and pundits are endorsing this massive, new, and oppressive tax. A “Hot Air” columnist recently said this new tax is “already part of the fabric of extant society” and should be implemented.

So let me set the record straight …

The LIE — This is not a tax increase.
The FACTS — Taxes will go up $382.5 Billion.

Grassfire projects that the Internet Sales Tax mandate will result in a net INCREASE in taxes paid by the American people of $382.5 billion over the next 10 years. This is a conservative estimate based on widely published projections that Internet retail sales will increase 10% compounded annually.

I expect the real number to be much higher as state governments try to take advantage of this new pot of tax revenue and expand the definition of products and services subject to the sales tax.¬†And this tax increase is permanent and forever — if we don’t stand right now.

The LIE — This bill is fair for local merchants.
The FACTS — This bill punishes Internet merchants.

This bill greatly disadvantages Internet businesses (the lifeblood of the growth of our economy) by requiring them to track and report more than 9,600 sales and use taxes! An Internet business like Grassfire will be required to know, track, report and pay every single tax! This will create a reporting nightmare worse than ObamaCare.

I won’t be surprised if the complications from this new tax mandate causes the federal government to set up an Internet sales tax “clearinghouse” — a convenient way for the feds to get their hands on this massive influx of new sales tax money.

The LIE — It’s fair for online retailers to have to pay.
The FACTS — Online merchants should NOT pay out-of-state taxes for good reasons.

This may be the worst lie of all, and I didn’t even grasp it until one of my associates made the point to me yesterday. Taxes should always be associated with some service the government provides. Sadly, in our modern tax-and-spend culture, we have lost any and all association between taxes and actual government services those taxes fund.

An Internet merchant in Iowa receives virtually NO services from, for example, the Virginia government and SHOULD NOT be forced to collect and pay Virginia sales tax. Our founding fathers would likely have called this taxation without representation.

The LIE — Most consumers won’t feel this tax.
The FACTS — This new Internet Sales Tax mandate will hit the middle class the hardest.

This bill is squarely aimed at the middle class: home computer owners with high-speed Internet and “disposable” income who shop online. The middle class will “pay the freight” with each and every online purchase.

+ + Key Senate Vote On Monday

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid has promised to push for a vote on this new Internet Sales Tax mandate as soon as Monday (May 6). Grassfire has launched an aggressive grassroots initiative challenging Reid’s Internet revenue raid and will gather petitions Monday morning for delivery to key Senate leaders prior to the vote.

Go here to have your petition hand-delivered:


6 thoughts on “This Must Be Stopped

  1. Yes! It must be stopped.
    I am going to sound like a very naive person…I understand.
    “IF” we had someone in the WH THAT really wanted to “heal” the financial part of our country….These are the steps he/she would take:

    1) Get rid of entitlement spending. I am NOT talking about Social Security. I am talking about the Food stamps for the Illegals and those who already make enough $$ driving around in NEW cars. Yes! He is also offering food stamps to people In “Mexico” that aren’t even here.

    At one time, in order to get food stamps, if you owned a car, you didn’t quality. The reasoning was, you can get your butt to work on a bus, Dart Rail or Train.

    People OVER SPEND then want food stamps. Not only is he giving food stamps to the Illegals who NEVER paid into the system, the Muslims who immigrated here are also getting food stamps while they drive brand new car.

    2) Stop giving $ to our enemies!

    3) Stop the crazy studies of “do prostitutes like small penis(s); and others just like it….The green energy was a bust and a total waste of $.

    THEN, when Americans can see that someone with “common sense” is running the country, for a set amount of time, I don’t think anyone would mind putting in a few extra dollars…BUT NOW, it would be forcing Americans to pay for his friends to have more $; more arms for war against countries who are peaceful.

  2. Did you know that we have illegals and some Americans on Disability that shouldn’t be!? All they have to do is “file” for it. 15-20 years ago, you had to prove you were disabled with a signature from two doctors. It might take six months to a year to get to court and go before a judge.

    You had to have “witnesses testify” that their friend (or family member) really is disabled.

    Then the first check might now get to them for six months.

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