imagesI am a person who believes that I have to stand true to my beliefs, and part of that is not supporting individuals who do not comprehend what a Natural right is.  If you stand against the US Constitution in any way, I cannot support any of your endeavors.  Steven Spielberg makes that list for me in his stance against our rights to protect ourselves.  Again, don’t just take my words for it, use his own.

“Semi-automatics have only two purposes. One is so owners can take them to the shooting range once in a while, yell yeehaw, and get all horny at the rapid fire and the burning vapor spurting from the end of the barrel. Their other use-their only other use-is to kill people.”- Steven Spielberg.

It is disappointing because I really enjoyed the films he directed, but I cannot support someone who holds so little regard to the second amendment, and clearly isn’t educated on the matter.  He makes my boycott list.


6 thoughts on “Steven Spielberg, A Disappointment on Gun Rights

  1. Of course you can boycott whatever you wish, but I was kind of waiting for a rebuttal – an explanation of what else those guns are for. Spielberg is a nerd, but he’s made more remarkable films about war than any other current director I can think of. He has explored the justifications for use of the military, and for personal courage under fire in ways nobody else has come close to.

    Overall, I don’t really care what political stands celebrities take. It’s irrelevant to my qualitative judgment and enjoyment of a work of art. I don’t agree with Clint Eastwood at all politically, but I LOVE his work, so I’ll support it with my ticket money.

      1. Respectfully, that’s poor writing. You need to support the position you take within a piece, not refer to past work. Self-defense doesn’t change the fact that semi-auto guns really are for killing people. They are a poor choice for hunters. Tears up the trophy and destroys the meat.

      2. Respectfully, my audience I talk to every day does know where I stand, and this is information of another liberal that is against a Constitutional right. As for the semi-auto being bad for hunting, I use one. Works just great. As do many Americans. Never tore any meat, and I don’t do it for sport, so no trophy for me.

        You can comment on my piece all you want. The purpose was to inform of his stance on guns, not counter the argument. Most of the people who read my blog are gun owners and defenders of the second amendment. I would be beating a dead horse with that one.

        The second amendment isn’t about hunting either. It is so that we, as ordinary citizens, could have the ability to defend our homes, whether from a foreign invader or our own government if it became tyrannical. Its intent was to ensure that citizens had weapons similar to that of the US military. That is why they did not use the word musket. They wanted Americans to be able to have the means to overthrow tyranny; they already had to do it once, and figured it may have to happen again.

      3. Does it really matter if my neighbor has a semi, because he wishes to tear up a bale of hay, and yell heehaw? They are FREE PEOPLE, and if that’s what they do in their free time, and it doesn’t invade my property or harm my family, IT’S NONE OF MY DAMN BUSINESS! The point is, my methods of amusement are not yours nor will I attempt to make them yours. Stephen Spielberg’s initials are appropriate: SS. For a ‘man’, and I use that term loosely, that directed Schindler’s List, he sure lost sight of what losing all your rights REALLY means! #GitBent

      4. 100% in agreement with you my friend, and well put. It shouldn’t matter if that is what they want to do. They are allowed to do it. I use mine for different purposes, but if a man or woman wants to tear stuff up, that is their choice. Thought liberals were all about the freedom to choose. Seems they like to contradict themselves quite a bit.

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