So now I’m getting attacked by “conservatives.” Just had one comment on this blog about me supposedly sitting around on welfare not working. Interesting point of view to be sure.

Tell that to my employer, my business partner, and my royalties I earn on my published works. Seems to me I earn my keep, and yes, pay my share of taxes while earning it.

Some people never cease to amaze. The evidence? I blog a lot. Funny thing about cell phones these days. There’s an app for that. Many of my posts are on the go. Heck, most of 2012 I didn’t even have internet in my home. Yet blogs still appeared.

I use my free time, even at work to promote limited government. It’s something I am very passionate about.

Well, time to get back to responsibilities I evidently ignore. Til next break in the day.

Oh, and to such naysayers: if I am spending so much time blogging, why are you spending so much time combing through my blogs? Guess by your standards, you’re all on welfare too.

(and one to two blogs a day if that for an average is not extreme, but thanks for trying).


2 thoughts on “Sent From My Android Device

  1. If only finger pointers would spend as much time as they do pointing by actually doing something about it all we might be better off. I for one know just how hard and time consuming this can be. I thank you for your service my friend

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