images (6)American taxpayers spent a record $80.4 billion on food-stamp recipients in 2012, and this year, that amount is expected to dramatically increase. Today, a record 47 million Americans are getting food stamps from the U.S. government. In fact, many who don’t qualify are receiving them under a special program that disregards income and asset requirements.

The Obama administration has no intention of cutting back on the program. Dubbed the “Food Stamp President” by Newt Gingrich, Obama continues to actively campaign to increase the food-stamp roles – spending millions in radio ads and paying out large cash rewards to local governments that sign up the most people.

Grassfire opposes Obama’s promotional efforts to grow the food-stamp program and his use of tax dollars to accomplish his goal. In an effort to bring accountability to this program, Grassfire is mobilizing 50,000 citizens who object to Obama’s efforts and will hand-deliver petitions to key members of Congress.


Petition States:
As an American citizen, I object to this administration’s use of tax dollars to aggressively promote the food-stamp program – even paying cash rewards to state governments that sign up the most people. The food-stamp program is supposed to be a short-term “safety net” — yet records show families remain on the program for generations.

With out-of-control debt and spending, our nation can ill afford another bloated, fraud-stricken, government entitlement program weighing down American taxpayers. I strongly urge Congress to act in the best interests of our nation and its citizens, by enacting meaningful and comprehensive reform of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Please Sign the petition here.


3 thoughts on “End the Food Stamp Madness Petition

  1. I find this petition to be quite ridiculous coming from you. It is also families like yours who live on food stamps and the medical program instead of both parents working full time and providing for their own. As you stated its supposed to be a short term safety net. Not a way of living so you can sit at home writing blogs and spending countless hours in front of a computer!

    1. Let’s see. Do I know you? Do you know me? Didn’t think so. But for your amusement: I work a full time job, run my own business, have written two books I get royalties for, am not on food stamps, am not on medical from the government. My soon to be wife also works a part time job. Where do you get your information? Because while I did need food stamps when I was laid off, I am not on them any more. Just like you said, a safety net for hard times.

      And let’s also look at the fact that you are smearing in an anonymous fashion (by the way, you spell that word wrong in your name title). Why so scared to say who you are? People like you are cowards. You slander someone, make up false information.

      And just tone more fyi, I write most of my blogs on the fly from my phone. Including breaks at work, days off (like holidays and weekends), when I get done with work for the day, on my lunch, etc. Funny thing that technology bit. There is an app for that.

      Thanks for attempting to play the game though. Baseless accusation without a shred of evidence.

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