Part of what I talked about in my book Common Sense: How to Restore America, and several blog posts is the need to build and become more self sufficient. One of the things my dad always taught me was to practice what I preach, so I too am working on my business ventures to become less reliant on someone else. I wanted to take a little time today and talk about what I am doing.

My business is called CRB Tactical. We are nestled near the mountains in North Ogden, Utah. I chose to stay focused on things I am passionate about and it is all 100% focused on America.

I am using my knowledge of tactical gear to sell high quality products to people interested in the more extreme tactical shooting. We are also trying to get contracts with law enforcement agencies to provide Utah’s finest with great tactical gear for their needs.

I also have been teaching firearms classes. We provide a wide range of services in this regard. There is no weapon type my instructors or myself cannot handle. Our core focus in these classes is safety and effectiveness of fire. We also provide as lifelike scenarios as possible to help everyone from beginner to advanced become ready for cases they may need to utilize their firearm.

Finally, my company provides patriotic supply. Whether you are looking for a new American flag, a flag for a rally, t-shirt to showcase pro-American ideals, or books to inspire and help guide you through the fight against big governmentwe have everything you will need.

I do also provide copies of my own books for sale on the site. Common Sense: How to Restore America and Warrior Poet are both available.

I enjoy doing this a lot and cannot wait for the ball to keep rolling and grow bigger.

You can check us out


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