images (5)I have a bone to pick with the mainstream media and President Obama yet again.  The other day the “news” spent a good amount of time covering Mr. Collins outing himself as being homosexual on live TV.  Why was there so much hubbub about this?  Why is it that the sexuality of someone trumps the real news around the world.

I honestly believe this was nothing more than the attempt at advancing the progressive (aka socialist) agenda.  You see, one of the goals of socialists/communists to destroy America was to normalize homosexuality.

Now, as for the President, I am beyond words as to his reaction to this.  See, he again had time to call someone who is in line with what Obama is trying to do to the country (he subscribes heavily to the socialization/radicalization of the United States).  This has been evident in several instances, like with Ms. Sandra Fluke, who got an apology from the president when Rush Limbaugh stated she was essentially a slut.

Why does this bother me so much about the president?  Well, he never issued any word about Chris Kyle’s death (a Navy SEAL who had multiple awards for heroism).  He also apparently didn’t have time to bother with the attacks in Benghazi when the 3 a.m. phone call came in.  He selectively chooses who to call.

The media and this president say that Collins was “brave” for doing what he did.  Yet I never see news about Marines or Soldiers earning medals for heroism, where they put their lives on the line and rose above the normal call of duty to save their brothers.  See, this to me is real bravery, because they know the risk to their lives and choose to press forward into a bad situation any way.  But you won’t get the message from our White House or the media on the bravery of our troops.

This is just another example of how screwed up our society is right now.

The one way I have found to remedy the situation is to report stories of heroics by our nation’s finest in a series I call “Stories From the Front.”  It is time we all start telling their stories and forget what the liberals in DC and the media consider brave.


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