One of the interesting things about blogging and promoting conservatism is the flak you will get from persons on the opposite end of the spectrum.  Let me introduce you to another coward of the left.

This was a comment left to me on a blog asking for the opposition to the internet sales tax: Bowdenpussy: “Bowden close your cum dumpster. Stop attributing fake ass quotes to G Washington. Those 23 men you lost you should be a patriot like them and go find them and join them. You and your weak ass blog.”

Now, this lovely person and his/her colorful language clearly demonstrates a few of the more common characteristics of attacks you will receive from a low information voter.

First, you will notice the attack is personal, rather than ideological.  This is very typical of what they do.  When there is no actual basis of attacking the idea due to flawed logic, they attack the person rather than debate the idea.

Second, you will notice how it is anonymous.  People like this are typically afraid to use their own names when they make an attack.  They use the internet to mask who they are.  I have never once used a fake name to promote what I believe in.   This sort of action shows that they are indeed cowardly.

To address this person specifically, whoever you are:

You are granted free speech.  I will not stop you from posting what you believe.  As a matter of fact, I will gladly defend your right to do so.  Unlike you, I have learned that in the world of ideas, attacks like this do nothing but damage the ideals you believe in.

As per the personal attack toward me. Again, you can say as you wish.  I will not ever stop you.  I know who I am, and I know what I will fight for.  It seems that you have not done much in your life other than spit venomous hate towards people you disagree with.

Unlike you, I took an oath to defend the Constitution.  To me this oath never had an expiration.  Just because my enlistment ended, did not mean I threw in the towel and let things be.  The true heroes are those twenty three men who lost their lives, and I am left trying to find a way to make a difference since I lived.  I know it is what they would have wanted.  That is why I still try to serve.

Next time, perhaps, you can use your real name instead of being such a coward and hiding behind the internet mask.  However, I think that we both know that since you cannot form a true idea based in reasoning, you will not be able to.

At any rate, I hope that God will soften your heart and I will pray for you.


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