imagesI wanted to address something today as more of a personal note, and something that hasn’t really been talked about by very many, especially not nationally.

There have been many times I have been online seeing persons from the “military” posting pictures of themselves in dress uniforms, or stating comments that claim awards that would have been impossible to earn.  I am tired of this injustice.

When I was in the service, and as a veteran today, I am not parading around showing the awards off I did earn, let alone claiming awards I never received.  To me, there is no reason for me to do that.  You see, when an award is given, often times it is due to something out of the ordinary happening, in my case SHTF (Sh*t Hit The Fan) since I was in an infantry unit.  Other men were either horrifically wounded or died.  I feel no honor in wearing a medal, when a true hero gave a bigger sacrifice.

One of the most recent claims I saw, was a young soldier who claimed to people he was a Medal of Honor recipient. This is the lowest a person can get when it comes to stealing valor.  The men who have earned this medal went far above and beyond the call of duty at the risk of their own lives, and in many cases, gave their lives in order to complete their mission.

I believe it is time to reinstate the Stolen Valor law, so that people cannot sit there and claim what is not theirs.  I just cannot stand this.  Twenty three men I knew very closely, brothers though not of blood, are not here today, while pricks like these valor thieves parade around acting like they are God’s gift to the world.  There needs to be something that can be done to preserve what veterans consider high honors for our brothers who fell in battle and think nothing about receiving one ourselves.

On top of this, it is time that credit be given to the men and women who do go above and beyond the call of duty.  So many men I served with did not earn a single medal, but performed magnificently when it was time for action.  Never once did I hear any of the men I served with complain about not receiving a medal, though all of us put our own heroes in for their deeds.

If you are a thief of valor, you ought to be ashamed, and if you do/did wear the uniforms of our armed forces, you are a disgrace.  If it were up to me, your characteristic of discharge would be changed to dishonorable, because you do not rate what you wear.


3 thoughts on “Stolen Valor

  1. Dad was Marine Lt infantry officer in Vietnam. He saw lots of house-to-house, urban combat. As kids, & even now, we have to drag stories out of his reluctant memory! I remember a lesson on disobedience that he told me- his radio operator disobeyed him & stepped into a ditch on some trash & lost his legs… Poor guy. I heard that story when I was 10! I started obeying Dad w/out hesitation after that! Anyway, Dad has said there are many imposters & you can tell who they are by their vague stories, bad timelines & “bling”. There are many “wanna-be’s”. Real Marines don’t have to show off to be cool. They just are. Dad says badges and medals are for Boy Scouts. Thank you for your service.

    1. Tell your dad I said thank you for his service, and he’s exactly right on the “bling” or as I call it fruit salad. Saw on guy I knew once wearing an Antarctic Service.

      I don’t know why some people feel the need to do that. They should just feel pride for serving. I’m most proud of the EGA on the uniform, because that says a lot. And it was all I wanted as a kid.

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