mccainAs we continue with our Outing Oath Breakers blog series, I’d like to introduce you to a man you should recognize, Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

Senator McCain is by all rights an American hero from his service in Vietnam, especially for his actions while a prisoner of war after his plane was shot down.  I do not discredit him for his military service.  That being said, Senator McCain has violated his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States on multiple occasions and exemplifies the term RINO (Republican In Name Only).

To outline some of the more major offenses of the senator’s history while in office, let it be known this about John McCain:

He voted in line with the Manchin-Toomey gun control legislation, essentially trying to restrict the law abiding citizens rights to owning firearms.  He voted yes on FISA, renewing the government’s ability to violate your fourth amendment rights. He was instrumental in the crafting of the USA PATRIOT Act, and voted for it’s extension as well.

In December of 2011 he voted against prohibiting the military being able to detain American citizens, in direct violation of our Bill of Rights and voted yes on the original National Defense Authorization Act of 2010, which included the indefinite detention of “enemy combatants,” and placed the United States as part of the war zone.  Senator McCain also voted against a bill that would have prohibited federal money from paying for abortions.

Senator McCain has also been meeting with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization with ties to al Qaeda, and recently he went to visit Syrian rebels who also have ties to the terrorist organization (essentially this once “champion” of the Republican party is in bed with declared enemies of the United States).

Finally, and again just the tip of the ice berg, Senator McCain is helping push for the amnesty of illegal aliens in the United States.  This recklessness would create many fiscal and security issues in the country, without offering any solutions for the border.

This is just a small sample of John McCain’s very long career in the Senate.  But as can be seen, he is an oath breaker, and must be removed from office.  His seat will be open in 2016.  Arizona, do America a favor and vote this oath violator out,


3 thoughts on “Outing Oath Breakers: John McCain

  1. All heroes are mere mortals with feet of clay. McCain is following in the footsteps of every other person I ever revered as heroic. He’s in good company including all Biblical heroes. Moses so angered God that he wasn’t allowed to enter the Promised Land. Noah became a falling down drunk. So, I’m not surprised. That is why it is always better to celebrate a heroic act rather than the person who performed it. Still, my disappointment is at least tempered that my heroes haven’t fallen so far as has President Obama. Imagine the disappointment he leaves in his wake. I can well imagine the suffering of the Nobel Committee who awarded him the Prize for Peace in hopes that he would earn it post facto. Sad

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