One of the missions of Marine Vet For Freedom has always been to educate the people in America as to who is in office and whether or not they should be holding such.  We will be having a series of articles called “Outing Oath Breakers,” and this will be the first of many to come.  One of the things America needs is leadership that has sound minds in regards to the Constitution.  We can no longer allow life long politicians to subvert the highest law of the land.  So without further ado:

Outing Oath Breakers: Dianne Feinstein (D -CA)

feinstein It is well documented that the Senator from California has been advancing a progressive agenda contrary to the Constitution of the United States.  She is nearly criminal in her positions on legislation she has voted for, and also introduced.  This woman is a hypocrite, and one of the most vile oath breakers in Washington.

One of her most recent atrocities against our Constitution was her proposed gun legislation, specifically to ban so called “assault weapons.”  Her amendment in the recently defeated senate gun bill not only sought to ban rifles such as the AK 47 and AR 15 styles, but also moved to include over 100 firearms including pistols and shotguns.

She voted for her amendment obviously, and voted for universal background checks, magazine size limits, and every other limiting amendment introduced into the gun bill.

During the debate on gun control following the incidents of Aurora Colorado and Sandy Hook, Senator Feinstein had also stated many things that she would like to see to further limit a Constitutional right.  She had stated that veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were unstable and should not be able to own firearms, simply because they served on foreign shores, exposed to hostile environments.

She voted no on a bill to keep the United States out of the United Nations Small Arms Treaty.  By her vote, she was willing to place the rights of American citizens in the hands of the U.N.

She voted to continue with the Affordable Care Act, and refused to limit the funding of this atrocious bill that has no place in America, forcing Americans to buy products against their will or face fines.  No where in the Constitution does it state that the government can force a person to buy something.

She repeatedly voted for the National Defense Authorization Act, including portions that declare the United States a “war zone” and allows for not only the indefinite detention of American citizens, but also allows for the citizens of the country to be placed under military jurisdiction. To be accurate, she did originally help introduce an amendment to preclude American citizens from being detained, however, once the amendment was defeated, she chose to vote “yes” on the bill regardless.

She voted yes on the “internet kill switch” known as the Cyber Security Act 2012. This bill would hamper many people, such as myself, from being able to exercise our first amendment rights, allowing for executive authority to kill the internet in an emergency.

She also voted against a measure that would have prevented tax hikes on the American people.  Essentially she voted no so that in the future, the government could take away more of your hard earned money.

Senator Feinstein voted against a bill that would have prohibited the Environmental Protection Agency the ability to spy on farmers using drones, a violation of the fourth and fourteenth amendments to the bill of rights.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg of unconstitutional legislation this Senator has proposed.  She should be considered an enemy of the Constitution.  Frankly put, she does not deserve to hold the office of Senator, as she seeks to limit the rights of the American people.  Please do your part by spreading the message and helping out her.  The State of California and our nation deserve much better.


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