I feel now I can enter my commentary on President Obama’s reaction to the failed legislation on various gun measures in the Senate.  I decided to wait because of the tragedy in Boston, and felt that I should give the political commentary a little bit.

First and foremost, I am utterly disappointed in how the president acted while giving his comments.  His demeanor, manner of speech, etc. had the very essence of condescension towards the American people.  This ties into my second point that he was more upset at failed gun control than he was over the incident in Benghazi, Fort Hood Massacre, Sandy Hook, or any other major incident in the United States, including the recent Boston Marathon bombing.

He is a sad excuse of a person to show such callousness towards all other events, and only gets fired up like a four year old when he can’t get his way.  He stated it was a shameful day, and he’s right.  But not about Senators actually abiding by the Constitution, but his reaction to them standing to the oaths they swore.

I have been in this specific debate since Bill Clinton was president, and my major is in the field of criminal justice.  The statistics just don’t lie.  When gun ownership is high, crimes decrease.  The more restrictive laws are on law abiding citizens, the higher the crime rate.  Criminals, by nature, do not obey laws.

It is sad to see that a president of this country only seems to get emotional when he doesn’t get what he wants.  I personally say kudos to every Senator that listened to their constituents and the Constitution of this great nation.  Make no mistake, if you voted for any of the gun restrictions on law abiding citizens, you’re days in office are numbered.  2014 and 2016 are right around the corner, and the patriots of America will not forget your betrayal.


4 thoughts on “Obama’s Reaction to Failed Gun Measures

  1. Your comments mirror what I’ve said on my About page. 100% agree! Our “president” acting like a 4 year old who didn’t get his way only further undermines America’s image in the face of it’s enemies. I don’t really believe that Beck will have anything of importance to share on Monday, but goodness gracious, it would be SO nice if it were true. To think that this administration could be brought down is to bring a sigh of relief to my lips. It almost doesn’t even matter who would take his place because I don’t think anyone else would get away with circumventing the Constitution the way he has. Begone!

    1. I partially agree. The only part I don’t is on the future president. We need someone who is going to uphold the oath of office. Granted, I am sure there aren’t many who would commit nearly as many constitutional atrocities, but we need to have someone that can clearly show what American values are and embody them fully while holding the highest office.

  2. Honor and integrity = truth That is the main ingredient. Something this potus and his criminal friends he has around him will never consider.

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