I am done with the political correctness, blame freedom loving Americans for problems coming from the media and this government! These sick, twisted,  idiots have been trying the “be nice approach” for far too long and it has done nothing but weaken our country as a result.

No more calling “man made disasters.” No more “we can’t judged based on the actions of a few.” This kind of BS has emboldened our enemies. No more apologizing! No more pandering to people who want us dead and celebrate terrorism on our soil!

Islamic fascists are seeking to kill us! They are not our friends, they don’t need to be understood, we cannot win them over with kindness. It’s time to take care of America! Not send billions of taxpayer dollars to regimes tbat hate us!

No more Muslim Brotherhood invites to our capital, no mkre special student visas, no more of my money I worked hard for going to these ideological bastards!

Your pandering has killed Americans God dammit! I fought your wars for eight years against these evil people! I have lost twenty three of my brothers in combat. There sacrifices are in vain as each one of you ckntinues to bend iver backwards for ideologies contrary to the Constitution of the United States! Enough is enough!

You want to take my guns, you call me a likely terrorist, pass laws to limit mg speech, allow agencies to invade my privacy, pass laws that violate nearly every anlmendment in the Bill of Rights, you militarize our homeland agencies, and you want to allow eleven million CRIMINALS citizenship!

You refuse to enforce border security, short our border agents rounds they need, waste money on people who refuse to help this country, don’t enforce laws to keep us safe, and you have the nerve to call me radical!

You won’t even prosecute felons reying to buy guns, but want me to lose mine simply because I served in a war YOU started! Every one of you doing this to the country I swore to protect are enemies to the Constitution. You are power hungry COWARDS!

Few of you even understand what futs are. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS.


And yohuare done! Cowards like you don’t deserve to be reporters or politicians! We don’t need you! You will be dealt with by the full measure and resolve of the American people. We WILL vote you out. We will boycott your “news.” We will boycott your sponsors! We have had enough!

If you don’t like our Constitution, values, and way of life, LEAVE! Get out! We don’t want you here.


4 thoughts on “I Am Done!

  1. Geraldo Rivera, is very upset that you are using the expression ‘illegal alien’ the radio host said..It is a loaded term that doesn’t accurately describe.” his friends..Please from now on refer to them as Undocumented Democrats…Thanks!

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