An argument I hear often in the gun rights debate from those wishing to implement any sort of ban or restriction has been “what are you afraid of.” This arguement is easily defeated as long as you remain logical, calm, and don’t give them a reason to think you are a “gun nut.”

First thing I always say when asked this question is that I am afraid for my family’s safety. This takes away the focus on the gun to five innocent children. And it’s not a lie.

Statistically, in a home invasion situation, there will be more than one criminal entering your home with intent to cause harm. Having enough rounds to effectively defend your family is an essential equalizer when facing multiple opponents.

The second thing I bring up is that according to statistics with an active shooter, less people are likely to be killed when a responsible gun holder responds as opposed to waiting on law enforcement. The numbers are staggering: about two people on average are killed when a gun ownwr immediately responds, fourteen when waiting on police.

Lastly, I cite that the majority of law enforcement want people that responsibly carry to prevent them from drawing chalk lines on innocent people. It is far more effective to defend yourself than call 911 and wait. As long as you are legally carrying, and it’s clearly self defense, you are in the right.

So what are responsible gun owners afraid of? Nothing, because we know we’ll be able to defend ourselves and our families. That is why we carey. That is why we own.


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