Today, April 17, 2013. We wait to see what the Senate will do in regards to our Second Amendment rights. There are nine measures to be voted on today. I have done all I can to promote writing and calling campaigns to encourage Senators to remember their oaths.

Thousands of you have joined in raising your voices in favor of our fundamental right to keep and bear arms. It all comes down to today.

In all today will determine several things: registration, universal background checks, the so called assault weapons ban, as well as limiting the size of magazines we can buy.

Vice President Joe Biden has stated that they are only two votes from being able to sweep this legislation through and bring about another massive infringement n the citizens of this nation.

If the Senate does indeed determine this to be the course, I urge everyone to resist this type of tyrannical and unconstitutional legislation that will endanger each and every one of us.

We cannot listen to them if they vote against us.

Molon Labe.



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