Can we say racist? Can we say bigots? Can we say un-American?

Salon magazine, long known for their liberal stance literally had this as part of their commentary on the Boston Bombing.  By using such words, they are clearly casting themselves into the crowd of speculators just drooling in anticipation that it may actually be someone associated with a pro-Constitution group.

I am sick and tired of the left leaning slant coming from the media these days.  This has no place anywhere in the media.  Who cares if they were white, black, brown, or neon purple? What matters is that someone did something horrible and full justice ought to be brought down on their heads.  That is what should happen, and the news, blogs, and other media should be calling for this too.

If this did indeed turn out to be a Tea Party member, they are just as sick as every other psychopathic murderer out there.  Quit categorizing people into a cast, because they don’t represent the rest of the group.  There have been murderers that are members of every race, creed, color, gender, and most ideologies.  It is the person that is disgusting, not the group they associate with, unless the group as a whole has similar goals and teachings (extreme Islam, white supremacists, etc.). owes the American people a massive apology, though I will not be holding my breath.  I recommend that you boycott any sponsor associated with the organization out of disgust for their lack of journalistic integrity.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Hope the Bomber is a White American?

  1. Progressives are doubling down on their anti-white racism. But of course, they always double down when they see their ideology failing…

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