The mighty republic of the United States has forced it’s chains upon us. We have been forced from the freedoms we once knew. Our children are now born with these chains forged upon them. How much longer will we allow the men and women legislators and the President continue to keep us in bondage? How many more of us must suffer under the cruelty of the slave master’s whip?

They have forced us to give up our earnings. The have sent our sons and daughters abroad in their never ending conquests of other countries. They have sent our monies earned to take care of people in distant lands while our own countrymen starve and go without.

They make examples of our heroes, while giving more to those who sacrifice nothing. We continue every year to send these men and women back to their desks, for what? When does the madness end?

I am drawing what I am calling my Spartacus Line. They will not take another dollar of what I earn. They will not strip me of any more rights. They will not keep driving my children into debt. I am done with the way they act. I am done with their lack of morals. I am done with their cowardice. I am done with their wars.

I am a free man and will remain as such. I am Spartacus!


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