As I sit here writing today, working on my small business, and spending time with my children, I was thinking that we may very well be the last hope for America. My generation. Those between the ages of 18 and 30. What have we become? What have we been allowing to continue? Will we allow the progressives to continue to destroy the nation we learned about in history books?

I have been pondering, and I came to the conclusion that we are indeed the last hope.  We are the only line of defense left to stop what is happening.  I truly believe that we are on a collision course of historic proportions, and we must decide now where we will be standing when the crash happens.  Will we be the freeloaders? The lazy? The apathetic? Or will we rise as many generations before us have, and fight for what is naturally ours?

I know not what course others will take.  I cannot pretend to speak on behalf of the American people, and for that matter, even those who belong to groups I am a part.  I have heard the talk of things to come and how the person will react to it, but saying and doing are two totally different things.

I do know this much.  I will stand as much as I am able for the future of my children and theirs.  I will do what I can to ensure that the great experiment brought about by our Founding Fathers continues on.  It is time for you to come up with your stand.  You have to find where you will be.  There will not be a place for people to sit on the fence when the catastrophe hits. You will have to choose where you stand.

I pray that God will see me on my course, and that any violence can be avoided as I move forward in what I must do.  I pray that He stand beside me as I teach others to stand up to a growing darkness.  I pray that I am wrong, and the government will be able to set its course back into the light.  I pray that the future be great for my children.

I will never end the fight.  I must press on, because I am free in my heart.  May God be with us through this.


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