We have come to the point once again where media speculation has pointed to Tea Party type groups as possibly responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing. This has been a very disturbing trend coming from the main stream outlets. I don’t know why an independent blogger like myself has to once again repeat and tell the media their job.

The first thing that must be remembered when you write, anchor, or report is that your information is rooted in fact, and not speculation. There has been a huge problem with this in the media. They are allowing their own political agendas influence how they report the news to us.

Today, several high profile reporters, including Wolf Blitzer, started placing blame and insinuating that constitutional conservatives may have been somehow involved. Stating things like it may have been people opposed to taxes and most domestic terror comes from “the right wing.”

The only facts known at this time are that there was a horrific attack on innocent civilians. A day that changed the lives of all the victims, their families, the city of Boston and this nation. No group has come forward to claim credit, no police reports have implicated any group yet, no official statements have been made from investigators. Everything coming from the media is pure speculation.

This has gone on for far too long. It is time to take action as a people, because personal agendas have no place in the news. Your opinion is welcome when you are acting as a pundent doing political commentary, but in the wake of events like these, your comments should be left to yourself until facts are presented. This media bias needs to end.

These accusations of “right wing extremists,” Tea Party affiliation, off base speculations, and misrepresentations have been rampant this year. It has also turned out to not be the case each time.

It happened with the Trayvon Martin shooting, where Mr. Zimmerman was called a “white-Hispanic” and an old mug shot was used instead of a current picture in order to insinuate guilt. It happened with the Sikh Temple shooting in Wisconsin, immediately jumping to the conclusion right wingers were involved. Again it happened with Sandy Hook, where the media got the wrong person identified as the shooter and again implicated tea party types. There was also the Aurora Colorado shooting where the identity of someone on Facebook with the same name as the shooter was implicated due to his Tea Party ties. The list goes on and on.

Also, when presented with the facts of the situations, most come from more left leaning ideologies. Where the media gets off trying to push the narrative that peace loving, Constitutionally minded people are somehow always the center of these sorts of attacks is beyond me. History shows many times that progressive, liberal, left leaning ideologies have been largely responsible for domestic attacks in the United States, going all the way back to the likes of Bill Ayers, who is liberal and an unrepentant terrorist.

Now, this being said, I need to address the speculations being sent around on Twitter and other social media outlets from the conservative base. I have seen many of you automatically assuming that Muslims are to blame. We cannot speculate at this time that Muslims had anything to do with this. You jumping to that conclusion puts you into the same category as those who are blaming you.

While I personally disagree with much of what President Obama has done during his time as our president, he is one of the only ones who got it right today. Without going into what I thought of his speech, or whether or not he meant what he said, he was accurate in what he spoke about today. We cannot jump to conclusions at this time.

Right now we should be coming together to help the people of Boston in their time of need. We need to let the police and federal investigators do their jobs and get the reports out. Until the facts are on the table, we just need to be supportive of the victims. The best thing to do right now is pray for the people, donate to the Red Cross type organizations, and find ways we can help.

This is a chance for us to come together. Save the rhetoric for another day. Right now the families need time to grieve. The wounded need to heal. The doctors need to save lives. The police need to do their jobs.


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