While we are all still waiting for the official reports to come in and finalize, I wanted to take the time to add my two cents into what happened today.

With my experience as a Marine, deployed into the combat zones in Iraq, I can say without a doubt this was a coordinated attack to cause terror.

Who did this is yet to be confirmed, and I know that the law enforcement personell will do the best they can to bring the person or persons responsible to justice.

The reason I can say that this is in fact an attack is the nature of events.

1. The bombs were not set off until average people were crossing the finish line.  They were not targeting high profile individuals, but every day citizens.

2. Two explosions went off.  The likelihood of two explosions as accidental narrows the possibility of an accident of some sorts.

3. It has been reported that ball bearings have been found.

4. At least two more devices have been found, although they did not go off.  This is trademark off terror tactics.  Likely these devices would have been meant for first responders, and for whatever reason had not gone off.

It is important that as professionals in the media business we stick only to what we know.  I have already heard much speculation about “Right Wing Extremists” and Republicans not confirming an ATF Director being the cause of the attack.  There is no way to confirm who is responsible at this time.  Speculation is not the job of those who report the news.  While we can confirm with the evidence present that this was indeed an attack, no group as of yet has claimed responsibility and the police have not had enough time to investigate the matter.

Please report responsibly and keep the speculations to a minimum.  All speculation does is cast doubt and fear on the American people who at this time are already worried.

Now is not the time to blame any one group of individuals.  Not until investigations are complete or someone comes forward.

I ask that the nation pray for the families of the dead and injured.  I also ask that the nation pray for the first responders and hospital staffs to help save as many critically injured as possible.

May God be with us.


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