There seems to be quite the epidemic of people not understanding an issue before casting a ballot.  This has been evident over the last few decades as incumbents, including this president, have been reelected in spit of a massive amount of ineptness when it comes to even the very basics in governance. However, this voting without understanding does not stop with the ordinary low information voter. This is extending into the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate as well.

I think that we all can recount when then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stated to the gathered Congressmen that the Affordable Care Act needed to be passed in order to see what was in the bill.  This is simply idiotic.  Why should anyone vote without having an understanding of what is being passed?  Where would a Constitutional litmus test be applied to something you never even looked at? Well, the Senate is at it this time, and on two pieces of legislation that can greatly impact our nation.

First on the agenda is Senator Reid’s gun bill, which will be moved to the floor without having the ability to debate.  Essentially, they are wanting the Senators to vote to pass the bill with no time to read, no time to discuss, and definitely no time for the American public to respond before the vote is final.  This is unsatisfactory as any measure passed in the Senate would likely infringe upon a right guaranteed in the Constitution.

Second on their list is a bill dealing with illegal immigration.  Now, I for one understand the impact illegal immigrants have on the economy of the United States, and frankly, they are a drain to the system.  Without the ability to put forth a real plan to close and secure the borders, and then offer measures to deal with the 11+ million illegal immigrants in the country, we are dead in the water.  A nation without secure borders will not long survive, but not only is this measure not included in the Senate bill being pushed, the rest of it again is not being debated or giving Senators a chance to read the bill.

This is a very sad state of affairs for our nation.  We cannot afford to have agendas pushed down our throats without the ability to read what is in the bills.  We also cannot allow for this sort of idiocy to continue with our elected officials.

Now here is the part where I offer a solution and actions you the reader can take to help stop this kind of nonsense.

1. Call your Senator right now and demand they vote down any measures that are not able to be discussed and read.  This is obvious and essential to making sure that only measures that strengthen and grow are nation are implemented.

2. After you call your Senator, send them an email with the details of your conversation, reminding them of where you stand.

3. After the email is written, please take the time to send a physical letter in the mail, again reminding them of why they are in office.

4. I ask that you do all the same things above again, only change the subject matter: we need to have bill length limited.  I have often heard of representatives stating that there is not enough time to read through the bills, and that is the excuse given to pass these without reading them.  We need to demand that bills be no more than 100 pages long.  This will make it so only necessary items are in bills.

5. Follow up if you do not get a response.  It is imperative that we keep the heat on our representatives.  They have likely gotten a case of DC fever, having been removed from their constituencies for so long.  I would advise you to try and make some sort of contact with your representatives at least once per week.  Every issue you feel strongly about should be addressed.

6. Finally, if the person that is holding office refuses to stand up for these sorts of principled reasoning, and has not upheld their oath, it is time for them to go.  Do all in your power to ensure that they do not make it for another term.



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