I feel like I am constantly repeating the same information, and many people just seem to not understand what is going on.  I am here to tell you right now, President Obama is the destruction of our nation.  He may not see it to full implementation, but he is the beginning of the end of this country if we as a people refuse to wake up and do something about men and women like him.

Just look at all the pain that has been caused during this administration.

  • Record unemployment, and a Department of Labor putting out statistics that do not match the numbers of people that simply stop looking for work.  They keep showing the unemployment number going down, when in reality there are at least eight to twelve million Americans that are not working.
  • Several of the largest tax increases in modern history.  The FICA tax holiday to help middle income families expired making the tax rate for FICA rise back 2%.  There are multiple taxes included in the Affordable Care Act, while not necessarily directly affecting the tax payers, make no mistake the costs will be passed on to consumers. Taxes were raised on corporations and large earners, some by as much as 3%.  This is not sustainable.
  • In spite of a record revenue year of 2.7 trillion dollars, President Obama has called for even more tax hikes on the American people, continually spouting off his rhetoric about “paying your fair share,” all while disregarding the fact that nearly half of the country pays no income tax at all.
  • We continue to operate at trillion plus dollar deficits every year, and OMB statistics show that this will likely continue until at least 2020.  Even with the end of the Iraq war, our deficit has remained in this trillion dollar range.  At an operating cost of anywhere from 300-500 billion dollars annually, you would think that at the war’s end we would have almost cut the deficit in half.  Instead this government has found other areas to spend the money.
  • The Federal Reserve continues to print off money at a massive rate, driving down how much the dollar is worth, all with nods of approval from this president.
  • Inflation continues to rise, costing the people of this country hundreds of more dollars.
  • This president, along with many in the Senate, are pushing to take away our rights to keep and bear arms.  Through executive fiat, and legislation that directly contradicts the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.
  • The Department of Homeland Security, a domestic law enforcement entity, has been purchasing upwards of 2 billion rounds of ammunition (roughly 6 rounds for every American citizen), 2,700 armored vehicles for use on our streets, and over 7,000 AR15s with the capability of burst fire.  They are preparing for war by all appearances, and it appears that it will be against the American people.
  • The TSA has continued to expand its reach, including our highways, bus terminals, and train stations under President Obama.
  • The president has made unconstitutional appointments on multiple occasions in direct violation of the Constitution.
  • His own cabinet heads in several cases have been tax evaders, while the rest of America pay their “fair share.”

The list goes on and on.  The powers in the government continually expand, while our liberties contract.  It is time that we put an end to this monster, and stop feeding the beast.  It is time to ask what the cost will be for every single program that is presented, because the money for any program has to come from someone.  We cannot afford to keep spending and borrowing.

I have said it for quite some time that we are heading the way of Rome, and historically speaking, we are in lock step with the historical fallacies the Roman Senate and the Caesar made before Rome collapsed and ceased being the dominant world power.  We too will fail if we do not learn quickly and take immediate actions to stop the recklessness in Washington.


2 thoughts on “Obama is the Destruction of America

  1. I agree on most of your points but I think the beginning of the end was George W Bush. We had a balanced budget when he came into office and it has just gotten worse every year. Obama is no different than Bush in my opinion. Also, do you have any links to verify the info you put up?

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