So the Department of Homeland Security thinks it can confiscate your bank account, without a warrant, without due process.

Show me where in the Constitution a federal agency has the power to do this. There is nothing.

However, I can show where it is illegal for the government to take such actions.

People are protected from searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment and we cannot be deprived of property according to the Fifth.

This government is out of control. Can you see it yet? Why is no one in Congress challenging this? Why are we still funding this department that clearly doesn’t abide to the Constitution?


5 thoughts on “Another Illegal Policy From DHS

  1. The Constitution is a contract between The People and Government. That contract is being intentionally violated and disregarded every day.

    So yes, the government is out of control: They are lawless. We citizens are expected to obey the law, however.

    The more lawless the Executive Branch becomes, the more important it is for them to mitigate any meaningful resistance as much as possible (2nd Amendment).

    As we marvel and ponder this Tyranny which occurred in our lifetime, the oppression marches on…

    …as good men do nothing, the Constitution burns.

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