I thought I’d take a moment and tell all who follow me, whether on radio, Twitter, Facebook, or here on my blog as to why I fight every day. It is important for each of us to publicly state what we believe in and reaffirm what is dear to us.

First, I believe in God. I have watched this country continually slip into decadent behaviors and immorality. I try to educate the wholeness of His word and testify that the Son of God, Jesus, gave his life so that we may one day walk with God again. I have been a pastor for five years, and have seen the true measure of faith. Every time I see Christians refuse to take a stand for right, it boils me. We must stand true to our convictions!

I have three children, and two step sons. For their futures I am willing to lay down my own life that they will be free. Each dollar spent adding to our nation’s debt enslaves them, and I cannot let that happen. They deserve a country of opportunity.

I fight for my fallen brothers who gave their lives for liberty. I lost 23 of my friends in the battlefields of far off lands. I honor their memory by continuing the fight to preserve the freedom in America.

I fight for Old Glory and what she represents. Red stripes to honor the blood and valor of all who have stood and given life and limb against tyranny. The white which stands for the purity of our nation’s cause for freedom. And the blue, which stands for truth and justice.

Finally, I am a man of my word. I swore an oath before God that I would uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. When I took that oath, there was no expiration. I will never stop until I am called from this world.

Take time to remember why you fight. Place reminders to keep you strong in your convictions. Pray for the strength to never give up.

I will stand with you, and God will hear your calls.


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