When the time comes, and it will come, what will you do to keep yourself a free person?

The growing tyranny in Washington DC is reaching its fingers deeper and deeper into our liberties. They will not stop until they have total control.

Have you made any preparations? Have you planned for you and your family? What is your line in the sand?

I have pushed for everyone to resist all measures the government takes that infringes on their rights. It’s time to stop letting these power hungry, plutocrats take our liberty and our pursuits of happines.

Where I live, I have been organizing to resist with words and protest, as well as with arms should the need arise. I have been passing on all I know about how to operate. I am forming a militia of volunteers to fight back if we are pushed.

With the Department of Homeland Security stocking up and preparing for war, while the politicians call to disarm us, it is time to make our own preparations.

We must be ready; war is on our doorstep.


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