The minimum wage and runaway government spending are preventing the USA from becoming an economic powerhouse.

As increases in spending contue three things are happening simultaneously that severly hamper the United States. The only solutions the majority in our governtment have been:

1. Raise taxes. Taking more of the money you earn. This is especially hard on smaller businesses now incapable of growing and better innovation

2. Print more money. This continues to devalue the dollar which manifests itself acrosd the board: inflation, lay offs, and necessarily skyrocketin prices without much change in take home pay to save or invest for your own futures.

3. Borrowing from foreign countries at such an exponential rate that the interest payment on these loans alone will soon surpass the entire defense budget.

The proposed minimum wage increases further stifle growth by making it nearly impossible to keep employees on hand. Especially when brought into conjunction of tax increases. Less money for companies to produce less expensive goods effectively causing price increases.

This is economics 101 and no one in DC seems to get it. It’s time for sound minded leaders to put a stop to the drivel and reign in this ridiculous tax & spend. Revenue is best accomplished by increasing the tax base. Plainly stated, the more people working in private industry, the greater revenue is created with job killing policies.


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