Freakin twitter trolls. Ganged up on by five at once. All of them saying I was skirting issues when I’d answer their question then ask my own.

That’s how it works. I answer your question. Then ask you one. No one was willing to answer how Lanza obtained his guns (murdering the owner and stealing them since BG checks prevented him from buying).

Most seemed to want to ban guns based on your medication. Others out right bans. When asked how that would reduce crime, they said criminals wouldn’t be able to buy.

Um….they already can’t! Felony: restricted person. Any violent crime: restricted person.

“Well, limit magazine size!”

Oh. Because criminals follow laws? Guess gang members get class 3 permits for full autos too. I suppose all those scratched off serial numbers of stolen firearms were actually legally obtained by shooter. Guess the Viginia Tech shooter didn’t have someone buy guns for him since he couldn’t pass the background check. And Columbine, those students were actually 21 and didn’t steal the guns.

Get a grip! No law will prevent crime. Rapists will rape. Murderers will murder. Theives will steal. All are against the law. What stops them? Good guys with guns.


2 thoughts on “Short an Sweet on Guns

  1. Very well said, now if we could just find a way to get through the mass of rock the liberals call brains, we might get somewhere, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    1. It is a lost cause most days. I wish I could show how ignorant they are being. There is a huge difference between using a logical, structured debate (me) and an emotional, name calling argument (them).

      I’ve been able to convert a few of the more reasoned liberals, but too many have a bubble around their lives and refuse to see truth.

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