If you are supposedly fighting for limited government, let me impartvsome advice:

Don’t attack a page that supports your own ideals. We fight to stay afloat on Facebook as it is, with their progessive leaning ideology.

You also might want to consider doing more research on the moderator of the page should you choose to attack them for “doing nothing but talk on Facebook.”

Before the internet even existed as a main outlet, the admin of this page was fighting the good fight for the Constitution of this nation.

I have been at this for 17 years (which includes almost eight years serving as a US Marine, where I literally put my life on the line defending liberty, as my job was infantry).

Derogatory and demeaning remarks towards someone who is supposed to be an ally in this fight will get us nowhere.

And this old Marine is not going to tip toe. You’ll be treated like a new guy screwing up something that was learned in recruit training. I will rip you a new one if you attack me, or anyone else that expresses their opinion on this page.

That includes a respecful, but opposite opinion of our conservative ideals. In the realm of ideas, there is nothing wrong with healthy debate. Go off on me, or anyone politely exercising their first amendment rights and I will ban you.

Carry on.


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