In the midst of the heated debates of conservative versus progressive ideologies, I have been asked many times what more can the person do to help restore America to it’s founding principles. Whole there are many ways to help, I think one of the most important is often overlooked. We must teach our children values, and it must happen at a young age.

The education system by and large is not going to teach these kind of values to our children, as many in institutions of education are left leaning at best, hard line progressive at worst. It falls upon the parents to ensure their children are raised with love of country.

So here are a few basic guidelines you can follow to help your kids get a good point of view of how to be an American.

1. Take them to parades. When you do ensure they stand with hand over their hearts to respect the flag.

2. Explain what America means to you and why it is important.

3. Teach them the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Give them accurate history of what happened and why the United States came into existence.

4. Take your kids to townhalls and rallies. Let them see you ask questions at these events, and speak when given a chance. This gives th first hand perspective of rights being exercised.

5. Teach them the importance of hard work and reward. Don’t just give them an allowance, have them earn it.

6. Teach your kids how to balance their checkbook. With rampant spending in DC, we need to teach the future leaders of this nation you cannot spend more than they take in.

7. If your child wants to talk about an issue they believe in, help them writ their legislature to get an official response. This will brighten their day.

8. Have your child open up a lemonade stand, or equivalent. This will teach them to have an entrepreneurial spirit in life.

9. Teach your sons to be gentlemen, and how to properly respect a woman. Teach your daughters to act like ladies and make sure they understand to be treated with respect.

10. Be the person you want them to grow up to be. Set the example and watch them reach for the stars. We cannot be hypocrites and ask our kids to behave one way, while we act differently.

11. If you ate a gun enthusiast, introduce your child to the gun culture at a young age so they learn respect for the tools.

12. Teach your child to garden. They will learn a lot by caring for living things, and they’ll understand a higher level of independence when they’re older.

13. Talk to them with respect and ensure they speak with respect as well.

14. Teach them self defense, and reinforce that violence is only acceptable to defend yourself.

15. Answer all their questions honestly, and teach them to be honest in,all dealings in life.

If you can follow this in your life as a baseline, our future generations of young Americans will take hold the challenges of life, and have a much fuller understanding of what it takes to lead.


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