I have been saying for quite some time that the American people must prepare for the coming days of civil unrest and possible collapse of our dollar/established government.

I have cautioned people to stock up on weapons, ammunition, medical supplies, food, books, etc. I have asked people to learn various skills that would be useful in the event of these hard times ahead.

I have educated as best I am able on proper ways to save this country or start over if necessary.

Now I need to ask each and every one of you to do something more. While you make preparations for you and your family, I need you to build.

I need you to build up your family. Together you will become the most essential building block in the fight for our future. The family is the key to everything.

I need you to build up your community. We cannot have iron bars on our windows any more. We must become brothers and sisters, kindred spirits in a holy cause. We are America not the government!

We must create new bonds, new businesses, new products. We must innovate, invest, and invent! It’s time to go after dreams. It’s time to become our own masters and seize upon our God-given talents. It’s time to become self reliant.

The power to build is in each of us. We must pursue our happiness in building our communities. As we become self reliant, we become stronger. Cast off the yoke of consumer/debt slavery.

We can do this.

Make your preparations and build!


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