The math doesn’t lie. The published numbers from the government have been fairly accurate on deficit spending. As can be seen with graphic above, the government does in fact have a spending problem. When you are spending more than 1 trillion dollars than you take in, spending must be cut. And I am not talking about programs that haven’t been implemented yet. Real, substantial cuts must be made. Entitlement programs must be cut, defense spending must be cut, budgets must be cut, non essential/redundant programs must be cut, and spending that is state specific must be cut. I also believe that until the budget is balanved, with a debt reduction plan in place, we must cut all foreign aid. As a family man, I know my family must have their needs taken care of before helping others. If we could take real steps and have real discussions in DC, we would be in a better place in America. It’s time to put pet projects and partisan politics aside. Do what is right for the whole country.


2 thoughts on “No Spending Problem?

  1. We can’t even have a REAL discussion in your forum! I’ve left direct comments to you, twice I think, and not once have I seen a direct response, on your website or through Twitter. If you can’t respond to your own forum comments, how can you expect Washington ‘Lead Heads’ to discuss ANYTHING? I’m just giving you one example of it appearing as if folks want to discuss something, and it just doesn’t happen. This is not a slam against you, personally. I am just extremely frustrated. There are so many people fed up with the Obama administration, and yet, it appears they wish to remain individuals, for their own gain (?), I don’t know. I have tried over and over again to ask those of us that agree ON THIS ONE ISSUE, to unite and DISCUSS who WE could select to represent us, not me or a website, to attempt to fight the DISMANTLING of America. If everyone is busy pushing THEIR OWN agenda, I believe we are doomed. However, if anyone was to create a true and honest platform for discussion and submissions, we COULD organize. If you began on the internet, you could then move to states, and then local regions. But communication is the key. I’m sure I will hear no response directly from you, in this forum, or otherwise. But, I thought I’d give it a shot. #Respect #NoFear

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