Earlier, I had posted about some similarity between ancient Rome and the United States. It is true that we are in fact on a very similar path. I’d say nearly to the point of allowing one man supreme powder, with a  representative body being dissolved.

In case you haven’t noticed, the executive branch of the United States has been consolidating a lot of power. This has been done through executive orders, creation of executive controlled agencies, and expanding the role of the president.

It has gotten to the point that the president has been able to order the execution of an American citizen with zero due process. He has also unilaterally sent troops into conflicts around the world.

He’s also stated several time that if Congress won’t act on a matter, he will. We are essentially looking at a modern day Caesar.

Do yourself a favor and read into Roman history. The parallels are scary. We are in line with Rome, and too many cannot see it.

If we let our nation go this path, we are doomed to fail. Wake up or history will repeat.


2 thoughts on “Roman Rant Pt 2

  1. My comment is more of a question I pose to you. We all have access to a computer and can write as much as we like (for now) as to what we know to be true of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. and his relentless pursuit to retain absolute power over our country. But I have seen not one person speak of a solution. Not a single solution, ever. I am not advocating anything, let me make that crystal clear. But, it seems to me that the power of the pen no longer exists. Therefore, what steps does the common man take to stop the madness?

    I foresee one possibility. Escape. If you do not have the monetary resources to leave the U.S., nor the proper identification to do so, I fear you will be doomed to live through the worst years in American history. I know what some may say: “America is worth fighting for”, and I agree, but how do you fight the most powerful military in the world when it is that same military that has been turned against you, and it is happening as we speak. Especially in the light of the quickly dismantling of the Second Amendment.

    I await your response.

    1. Well, there is only one option if the line is crossed. I for one will not flee. I have been organizing people together for years watching this happening.

      While we would be fighting a more advanced force, is that not how it happened in the Revolution? The British Army was the most disciplined/advanced and had hardened vets.

      One thing I know is there are many in the Armed Forces that would leave and join opposition if ordered to fire upon citizens. They will not follow those orderd.

      This is why I believe the government has been pouring resources into DHS and cutting back military spending.

      Also, you can’t count out veterans who are just as trained and have their arms.

      If the fight comes, it will be a bitter, but not impossible struggle.

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